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At Vantastic Mobilitywe are here to make your mobility vehicle purchase as easy as possible. We have partnered with some of the industries leading financing institutions to make it happen. You can apply directly with your own personal Bank or Credit Union or fill out our secure online credit application and we will assist you in arranging to finance your new mobility vehicle. Of course, if you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us directly at 704-839-0492 and we will do everything we can to assist you with your new vehicle purchase. 


Wheelchair Van Financing Options:

A very unfortunate reality is that because there is no 'book value' anywhere in the world for wheelchair vans, nearly every lender uses the same value guide to establish collateral value for a wheelchair van as a standard, unmodified van. The result of this practice is that typically a person with a good or even excellent credit rating is only able to borrow a small portion of the cost of a wheelchair van which is based on the value of the vehicle chassis. Most banks do not even consider the cost or value of the modifications and/or conversion that has been performed on the vehicle. The amount available is often less than 50% of the cost. Therefore, some folks who don't have cash readily available chose to access funds from sources such as:

* Home equity loans or lines of credit

* Reverse mortgages (a positive consideration if you are of a certain age with much equity in your home or property)

* Credit cards with low or reasonable rates and fees

* Personal lines of credit, sometimes referred to as signature loans

* Savings accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, etc.

It is very rare that a traditional bank will be the source for a mobility vehicle loan. More often it will be with a Credit Union.

And if none of the above fits for you, I have these two suggestions for you which may be helpful in finding financing for your mobility vehicle purchase.

Credit Unions are often the best choice for mobility vehicle loans.

You may or may not realize that Credit Unions function differently than traditional banks. Over the course of many years in the wheelchair van industry, there is expertise I have developed regarding getting loans on wheelchair vans. My observation has been that oftentimes folks discover no problem or resistance when they apply for a loan on one of these vans with a Credit Union. (If the vehicle falls within their vehicle financing parameters of 10-year-old or newer with less than 80,000 miles)  


Digital Federal Credit Union :

  • For vehicles with equipment or modifications to assist people with disabilities – If you have a disability, there are several types of modified vehicles on the market to help you get around. Unfortunately, lift-equipped vans, vehicles with hand controls, and other modifications can be very expensive. DCU can help make them more affordable by spreading the cost over time. The borrower need not be the beneficiary of the purchase.
  • For new or used vehicles – with the same low rates.
  • Purchase or refinance – Borrow to buy your next vehicle or refinance the one you drive.
  • Great rates and affordable payments – Finance up to 120 months. The longer the loan term, the lower your monthly payment.
  • Borrow up to 100% of the purchase price – Qualified borrowers can finance up to 100% of the purchase price or the combination of the NADA retail value of the chassis plus the retail value of the conversion – whichever is less – up to $100,000. The minimum loan amount is $5,000.
  • Save with Relationship benefits and electronic payment – Save on rates when you qualify for Relationship benefits on your DCU Checking Account and make payments electronically (payment by transfer in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Easy Touch Telephone Teller, DCU ATM, or internal DCU automatic transfers. Add 0.50% to rate for other payment methods.


 Rogue Credit Union: Located in Southern Oregon, Rogue Credit Union “Rogue Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution that is owned and operated by its members. Members elect a Board of Directors to oversee the credit union and the President/CEO reports to this board. The Board of Directors and credit union President/CEO works hard to guarantee profits are shared with members through the payment of dividends, lower rates on loans and higher earnings on savings.  Because credit unions aren't focused on making a profit, interest rates on credit cards and auto loans average around two percentage points lower than bank rates.”




 Navy Federal Credit Union:

If you or your immediate family has been in any division of the armed forces, either one of these national organizations can be the ideal source for a loan. They tend to offer very low rates, quick approvals and they are easy to interact with. Feel free to call me with questions about these two sources of loans.


Brandl Mobility Financing: This organization, as their name suggests, exclusively lends money for the purchase of wheelchair van loans. They usually only offer loans on vans that are 10 years or newer. Their core specialty is loaning on new vans and up to 3 years old.