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Wheelchair Lifts



We’ve pushed the envelope to show what wheelchair lifts can and should be. The following features are only available on VMI iClass Lifts:
Anti-Rattle Construction Power Door Operators Cable-Free Design
Thanks to advanced anti-rattle technology and sturdy build quality, iClass lifts provide the quietest ride on the market. iClass Lifts can be installed with door operators to enable a smooth, one-touch operation, making it the easiest lift to use. You won’t find bunched up cables that create hazards or wear out over time. Our cable-free design has a cleaner look and requires less maintenance.
Bluetooth Operation Service Alerts Automatic Platform Reset
iClass lifts are Bluetooth enabled. This feature gives you the option to activate your lift from a distance for a faster and easier lift operation. The iClass lift mobile app will remind you when maintenance is required. It also allows technicians to troubleshoot and perform diagnostics remotely. Your lift automatically detects when it has “drifted” and will automatically reset itself upon activation. Other lifts require a manual pump or heavy drift locks that are inconvenient to use.
Ample LED Lighting 1,000 lb Weight Capacity Accessable Components
All iClass lifts come standard with commercial-grade LED lighting that provide increased visibility and meet ADA standards. Our robust lifts support up to a 1000lbs, meeting ADA standards. This provides a peace of mind to those who require a higher weight capacity for larger power wheelchairs. iClass lifts are built for functionality and practicality. Unlike other traditional lifts, important components that operate the lift are conveniently located for easy access, maintenance and repair.



Personal Lifts

VMI iClass™ Solid Platform (S)


The Solid Platform is the perfect platform lift for budget-minded consumers because it offers a low initial and lifetime cost. Its all-steel frame is designed with high quality and superior functionality. This lift sets the standard for platform lifts in the industry.   iClass Solid Platform Features:
• Solid
• Increased Sense of Stability
• Up to 1,000 LB Weight Capacity

VMI iClass™ Folded Platform (F)

The innovative iClass F series lifts provide a longer platform without obstructing visibility. These bi-fold platforms allow passengers to enjoy the exterior view while riding inside the vehicle.   iClass Folded Platform Features:
• Horizontally Folded
• Unobstructed View
• Up to 1,000 LB Weight Capacity

VMI iClass™ Split Platform (SP)




The iClass™ Split wheelchair lift is one of the industry’s more popular solutions because of its flexibility and versatility. Its defining feature is that it folds up and out of the way with the touch of a button. This makes the SP an ideal lift for vehicles shared by wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers. Its unique split platform allows for easy rear or side-entry and exit and the strength to hold up to 1,000 lbs.   iClass Split Platform Features:
• Vertical Split
• Driver/Passenger Exterior View
• Up to 1,000 LB Weight Capacity
• Interior Access When Stowed


BraunAbility UVL® (Under Vehicle Lift)

The BraunAbility Under Vehicle Lift (UVL®) is a wheelchair lift designed for installation on the side door of full-size vans. The BraunAbility UVL is mounted beneath the vehicle in a weathertight enclosure, remaining out of sight and out of the way for other passengers until needed again. This means easy access for everyone, including loading any and all cargo, a clear side view for the driver while traveling and maximum interior space for passengers.   Under Vehicle Lift (UVL®) Features:
• Anti-Slip Surface & Auto Rollstop for Added Safety
• Unobstructed View
• Up to 750 LB Weight Capacity
• Interior Access When Stowed

BraunAbility Millennium Series™

The Millennium Series van wheelchair lift is the most popular lift in the BraunAbility line with a strong, stable lifting platform and time-tested durability. The Millennium Series wheelchair lift is fully hydraulic in operation, for both the fold/unfold and up/down cycles. You regulate the lift operation by the standard handheld control, the on-lift controls, or the optional remote control.   Millennium Series™ Features:
• Side or Rear Entry Installation 
• Lightweight Safety Roll-Stop with Traction Risers for a Non-Slip Surface
• Color-Coded Rocker Switches for Those with Limited Dexterity
• Easy Side-Entry Optional Access to Ease Tight Parking Spaces

BraunAbility Century Series™

The BraunAbility Century Series Wheelchair Lift offers all of the benefits of a BraunAbility wheelchair vehicle lift in a streamlined, economical package. The simplified electrical system offers trouble-free operation and the spring-loaded roll stop safety feature keeps your chair securely on the platform throughout the lift cycle.   Century Series™ Features:
• Automatic Folding System with Integrated Backup Pump
• Automatic Safety Roll-Stop
• Up to 750 LB Weight Capacity
• Designed for Use with Automatic Door Operators


Ricon K-Series® KlearVue


The Ricon K-Series KlearVue wheelchair lift is the most innovative accessibility product available today. Based on market-proven Ricon S-Series Technology, including the Ricon Safety Zone, the unique KlearVue folding platform provides an unobstructed view for both the driver and passengers. From the outside, the KlearVue lifts is virtually unseen. Commercial and paratransit drivers appreciate the added safety benefit of minimized blind spots.   K-Series® KlearVue Features:
• Unobstructed View with Minimal Blind Spots
• Automatic Safety Roll-Stop
• 600, 800 or 1000 LB Weight Capacity (w/ Optional Install Kit)
• Accommodates Longer Platform without Raised Roof or Doors

Ricon Clearway™

The patented Ricon Clearway wheelchair lift features a unique and fully automatic split platform that folds up and out of the way at the press of a button, leaving the doorway clear. Convenient and easy to operate, the strong Clearway steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure fast and secure entry and exit that everyone will appreciate. Ricon power door operators and remote controls provide added benefits for independent operation in your personal vehicle.   Clearway™ Features:
• Exclusive Split-Platform Provides Clear Access to Vehicle Interior
• Stable, Non-Skid Platform with Automatic Inboard and Outboard Roll-Stops
• 600 or 800 LB Weight Capacity
• Accommodates Longer Platform without Raised Roof or Doors

Ricon Reliant™

The Ricon Reliant wheelchair lift provides dependable automatic access and its efficient, compact design maximizes valuable interior vehicle space. The Reliant lift is easy to maintain, the steel frame is built to deliver years of service and the patented Sto-Loc™ design assures a quiet ride by securely locking the lift platform in the stowed position.   Clearway™ Features:
• Built-In Manual Back-Up System
• Stable, Non-Skid Platform with Automatic Inboard and Outboard Roll-Stops
• 600 LB Weight Capacity
• Quiet, Secure, and Smooth Operation with Permanent No-Lube Bearings

Ricon Uni-Lite™

Exceptionally lightweight and strong, the easy access Uni-Lite wheelchair lift features an innovative Ricon controller that makes this among the world's smoothest and quietest lifts. Durable aluminum alloy construction brings the Uni-Lite weight down to only 160 lbs. yet the thin and sturdy platform design lifts up to 600 lbs. It's all electric, easy to operate and maintain.   Clearway™ Features:
• Adjustable to Fit Most Doors
• Powered Roll-Stop with Mechanical Latch
• 600 LB Weight Capacity
• Compact, Lightweight, Aluminum Design with Large Platform




Fast Wheelchair Lift





The SPEEDY-LIFT allows you to quickly and easily get a wheelchair into your vehicle. Just back the wheelchair up and with a simple push of a button watch the SPEEDY-LIFT pick up the chair and tuck it into place behind the driver’s seat.


The SPEEDY-LIFT is designed to fit adjacent to the sliding door in most minivans on the driver or passenger side. The compact design allows you to keep the use of up to 6 seats!

Speed & Simplicity

With the SPEEDY-LIFT, a full cycle of the lift takes less than 30 seconds. This means you can get going in no time! On top of that, the unit has an automatic locking mechanism that fastens your wheelchair in place all without any effort from you.

More Features

A trustworthy system with a 95-pound capacity complete with a 3-year limited warranty. Need help getting in the vehicle? The SPEEDY-LIFT can be paired with the LINK, the ASENTO or the XL-SEAT.


The SPEEDY-LIFT is easily installed into the second-row seat mounts with no structural modifications to your vehicle. Designed for rigid frame manual wheelchairs, an optional adaptor kit is available to make it compatible with manual folding frame wheelchairs.



Unique Wheelchair Lift




The HI-LIFT is a compact, distinctive lift for manual wheelchairs, designed for the mid-row position of minivans. It can be used alone or as a pair with the XL-SEAT.


The compact design of the HI-LIFT takes up very little space, to the point that all seats can be retained if the wheelchair is not being transported.

User Friendly

The unique track system of the HI-LIFT offers added maneuverability and makes for a very user friendly system. Very little effort is required due to the fully motorised lifting and lowering functions paired with the motorised in and out swing mechanism.

More Features

A tight, reliable unit with a 75-pound capacity, a 3-year limited warranty, designed exclusively for manual wheelchairs.


The HI-LIFT installs into the mid-row position of various minivans without structural modification to the vehicle. It can be installed onto the XL-SEAT or work as a standalone lift.